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At KBA, we provide architectural designs keeping in mind the needs of our clients – both immediate and future. The buildings we produce come from a detailed understanding of the functions they must fulfill, the conditions they have to provide and the materials from which they are constructed. This understanding is directly translated into form and detail.

By giving meaning to spaces, form to the building and balancing the internal functions with the external demands of the site and climate, we strive to bring something new to each of our designs

Residential projects at KBA include Individual Residences, Bungalow Schemes and Apartment Buildings.

Each design is innovative, functional, elegant and provides purposeful spaces that cater to the requirements of the occupants. Careful designing of ventilation, provision of natural light and exterior views, and selection of good quality materials ensure comfort, well being and productivity.

We believe that commercial buildings need to be differentiated through design, and that they should add value to the city through their strong identities.

Our approach to designing for commercial buildings also allows for diversity in functional configuration and interiors, as per the clients' requirements.

The main focus is on creating functional buildings that add aesthetically to the environment, are durable and easy to maintain, safe and accessible, and adaptable enough to accommodate future changes.

KBA provides designs for dynamic open spaces, shared public spaces, multi-faceted public parks and private landscaped environments thus, blending design with naturally existing systems to establish a sense of place.

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